Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 Good Reasons to Homeschool (and 3 reasons not to!)

In my 'Welcome' post I shared our personal reasons for Homeschooling our 2 kids. This process was pretty therapeudic for me. Even though in my heart I know my reasons sometimes it is hard to convey it to people who ask me about it. Most of my family and friends have been really great, but some...when I start to explain it to them glaze over or start to look away, as if I have personally insulted them.

What I'd like to say is... "My decision to homeschool in no way means that I disagree with your decision to take the 'in school' option for you kids. It does not mean that I think you are a bad mother and it does not mean that I am some super hero all knowing Mum, it's just an option that I think may help my kids. I think all Mums are doing the best they can with the deal that have been handed."

Bear in mind I am part of the 'in school' option. I am a Teacher Aide - I love my job, the staff and the kids, I enjoy seeing the kids eyes light up when they learn something new. Kids are in good hands at school.

I also want to make another point, there are so many reasons not to homeschool and I think the top two for most families is:

1. Financial - obviously to homeschool you (or hubby) has to be there to teach them, and many families are two income. Fair enough!

2. I'm not smart enough - I'd really hate this to be the only thing holding back a family from homeschooling especially if in every other way it would improve their situation. It's really typical for Mothers to underestimate their abilities - I'm no genius I only passed my HSC because I got 98% in 3 unit textiles (yes I will teach that to them:-)). I have discovered that there are so many awesome resources, not to mention Distance Education which is basically that they have a Teacher teach them over the internet and you supervise and keep them on track.

There is also a 3rd reason...
3. I think we would end up driving each other crazy!? It's funny but I have found the more time my husband and I spend with the kids the more amazing I find them. However there are conditions...I need to pay them my full attention when they are learning, if I am cooking or cleaning or chatting on the phone, they keep interrrupting and yes that does drive me crazy - so learning time is dedicated to that and the kids are starting to understand that I need time to work on the house, our business and to just be Chandra (not Mum or Teacher). I think they are cherishing their free time too (Don't bother Mum or she will make us help her clean the house - see I have my ways ;-))

Now getting back on track I recently found this great article 10 Good Reasons to Homeschool it helped to solidify my reasons for homeschooling (I don't agree with all of it), which has only strengthened my resolve. Have a look it is an interesting read.



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