Friday, July 13, 2012

Mali's first post

Part of the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities for Science for Year 1 are understanding "observable changes occur in the sky and landscape". Sounds pretty complex hey? Well this is Mali and my version of this.
Nearly everyday Mali and I take our little dog Trixi for a walk in the park, it's an awesome big park full of native trees including Wattle. So I noticed the Wattle had little buds all over it which glowed this beautiful lime green in the morning sunshine, so I pointed it out to Mali and said "One day soon we are going to look at this tree and it is going to be an explosion of yellow blossoms." Well this was months ago, to be honest I was getting bored with looking for these damn blossoms I thought it would never happen until today...

Hello my name is Mali.
Today is special because the Wattle in our park flowered. We had not been to the park for a while because it was raining and we were suprised when we saw all the yellow trees.

Here is a picture of me holding some

Dad thought it was a Sydney Wattle but Mum and I checked...(*Dad isn't always right - Mum)

 but the internet says this is a Sydney Wattle and the flowers are different.

Mum and I think it is a Brisbane Golden Wattle like this one...

What do you think?

From Mali xxx.

This little exercise for Mali would be counted in the following subjects:
  • Science (observable changes in the landscape)
  • Nature Studies (learning about how to differentiate between different wattles)
  • Health and Physical Education (the walk)
  • Technology (typing and learning about blogs)
  • English (learning the words and discussing how to structure the sentences)
Who wouldn't love homeschooling!


Inoureyes said...

Those flowers are very pretty Mali

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